Hi! I'm Rachel, championing midlife women.


I started a new career as a model aged 46 after finally embracing my curves and naturally grey hair.

I am passionate about flying the flag for misunderstood and misrepresented women everywhere, particularly those in midlife, showing that they are not invisible in the fashion industry.


My career was fully launched after appearing in a ground breaking Swimsuits For All campaign with Ashley Graham. I am pro-active in knocking down ageist stereotypes in the industry and really feel that as I turn 50 in 2020  I'm only just getting started.

I also host my own podcast called ‘Out of The Bubble’ which is aimed at inspiring women to become more confident in body and mind after 40, celebrating midlife and ageing and it's now in its third season.

Every woman has a story to tell.

My mother agent is Bridge in London alongside Rothmans (Germany) & Agence Silver in Paris.

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